Phnom Kulen

Phnom Kulen (translated from Khmer «mountain lychee») — a national park located in the same mountain range, 50 km from the city of Siem Reap. One of the most picturesque and historically significant sites in Cambodia. This sacred mountain has tremendous energy and has a reputation among the pilgrims' place of power. " Peace and quiet of this place, as if born from the sea surrounding jungle.

On the plateau of Phnom Kulen in 802 the ruler Jayavarman II declared himself Devaraj (god-king). It is believed that from this place and time of the existence of Cambodia. For local residents of Phnom Kulen has a special sacred, mystical status and is revered among many local residents and pilgrims. At the highest point of Mount Kulen is buddisky ancient churches and monasteries, and the peak of this mountain carved statue of reclining Buddha. The National Park runs the sacred river thousand lingas, which falling into the river Siem Reap, fills her with holy water canals and moats of Angkor. Lingam — is a phallic symbol, symbolizing masculinity. Lingas were engraved on the bottom of the river and flowing through it, the water, the Hindu belief is sacred.

Stream ends 15ti meter waterfall. At the crash site is a waterfall pond, where a dip in the clear cool water, is completely free to get a free session ihtiomassazha (peeling fish). Also at the park, in a cafe near the river you can sample the local cuisine, drink beer, and later, happy and enlightened to sleep in a hammock)

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