Half Day Lesser Angkor Complex

Angkor is so vast and offers the visitor so much that it is easy to overlook that even the so-called lesser Angkor boasts a mesmerising collection of temple and palace ruins. This fascinating three-hour tour from Siem Reap aims to ensure that you see the ‘best of the rest’ with visits to Prasat Kravan, the East Mebon, Pre Rup and Neak Pean.

The first visit is to the elegant five-towered Prasat Kravan temple. Its brick towers boast bas-reliefs carved directly into the brick instead of stone as in other temples. Thought to have been constructed by noblemen as opposed to a monarch, excellent sculptures of Vishnu and Lakshmi have survived the ravages of time and the jungle.

Head to the East Mebon, which is located on what was once an islet in the centre of the now dry Eastern Baray reservoir. Its five towers represent the five peaks of the mythical Mount Meru and it is renowned for fine statues of lions and of elephants.

Continue to the 10th century pyramidal Pre Rup temple, which was dedicated to the Lord Shiva. Next, investigate the curious Neak Pean, a small temple located in the middle of a pond. It is believed to have been the oratory of a hospital.

Finally, visit the largely untouched Preah Khan complex, which features pavilions, shrines, towers, temples and ramparts all vying for space with the ever-encroaching jungle threatening to swallow it up again.

Meeting/pick-up point: Collection from hotels in Siem Reap city.
Start/opening time: 9am and 2pm.
Duration: Three hours.
Languages: English.

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