Evening Dinner Show By Apsara Dance

Spend a delightful evening being intoxicated by the ethereal charms of the Apsara dancers while you wine and dine on fantastic Cambodian cuisine.

As you enter the theatre building, you are struck by its ornate wooden decoration making it resemble a beautiful temple. Settle down in your seats and enjoy a delicious meal of local cuisine while dancers and musicians enthral you with an impressive show of Khmer culture.

The history of Apsara dancing in Cambodia goes back an incredibly long time. Anyone who has visited the temples of Angkor will have noticed the bas reliefs depicting these dancers right back to the 8th century. Angkor Wat itself features numerous dancers as decorative motifs on walls and pillars. Dancers representing celestial nymphs played a fundamental part of court life and have now come to represent a very large part of Cambodian culture.

A souvenir booklet helps guide you through the intricate movements of the dancers allowing you to follow the stories behind the dances. The resident ensemble of expert dancers who have trained for years to obtain the graceful postures with arched fingers and feet, perform numerous dances based on the story of Reamker, a Cambodian twist on the Hindu story of Ramayana. Magnificent bejewelled costumes and delicate controlled movements bewitch you while the expert musicians and singers mesmerize you with their tunes. Enjoy also the fascinating folk dances adapted from traditional dances from the countryside. Be entertained by the Good Harvest Dance or the romantic Fishing Dance and take some wonderful memories home with you.

Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from the hotels in Siem Reap city at 7.30pm.
Duration: Approx. 2 hours.
Languages: English.

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