Rishikesh: From Sadhus to Hippies

Whether you’re just tired of Delhi or wanted to escape away, Rishikesh is one place you can visit. It is a small town located in Uttarakhand that had its fame when the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram.  A sacred place for all Hindus, it is where the River Ganges sets down from the Himalayas. It is place for yoga, river rafting, adventurers, sadhus, hippies, gurus and devotees.


Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh

Lakshman Jhula Bridge

Lord Shiva in Lakshman JhulaMy friend and I were in Agra, I had my mind set to go to Varanasi but kept thinking if I’ll be able to handle a city where lots of beggars, touts, travel agents and vendors hacking overpriced souvenirs. It was almost the end of our trip would like to go to a place where you can relax, walk around and watch people. Someone told us to head up to Rishikesh instead. I searched online and found it appealing that we hire a driver to take us from there. It was a long journey; some of the roads are not in good shape. However, being there was totally worth it.


Ram Jhula RishikeshThere are two places to stay there, Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula.­ We chose the latter. We woke up the next day and saw the magnificent view from our guesthouse. An accommodation in Rishikesh is relatively cheap so you won’t have a hard time choosing which hotel or guesthouse you wanted to stay.


Sant Sewa Ashram Rishikesh

River Rafting at Rishikesh

Montain Terrains and Ganges River

Rishikesh Waterfall Most travelers come to Rishikesh for Yoga and Meditation, while others go for pilgrimage. Some opt for some adventure, do the river rafting, cliff and bungee jumping, rock climbing or trekking. Yet we were more like a laid back traveler that all we just did there roam around the city and watch people do their thing.  I think the only strenuous and adventurous activity we ever did was do a little hike towards the waterfalls and hitch a truck going back to Lakshman Jhula


Ghat after the Rain RishikeshWhat should you buy if ever you are visiting Rishikesh? One of the good reasons why you should go to Rishikesh is that you don’t really have to haggle with the vendors. Their goods are relatively cheap and base in local prices. You can buy some religious things or cheap clothing. If you are not much of a shopper, what you can do is just grab a bottle and pour some water from the river in it. Ganges water for Hindus is very holy that you can give this as souvenirs to them and will gladly have it.


Lord Shiva by the River Ganges

Parmarth Niketan Yoga Festival

Ram Jhula in the Evening

Sunset at Rishikesh

Perfect Spot RishikeshLots of travelers stay here for a long period of time, others don’t want to leave. I won’t be surprise if you’ll meet a traveler who comes back there all the time. It is such a peaceful place. A real great place to find your perfect spot and stop time.


Travelers Taking a Dip in the River Ganges RishikeshIf ever you’ll be stopping by to Rishikesh, don’t forget to pause, take a dip and reflect.

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