Our First Travel Blog Roundup
As the founder of Touristlink I come across amazing travel blogs and inspiring travel stories every day. A lot of these blogs have big followings but unless you know you will probably miss out on a lot of great posts and some fantastic travel ideas!

So we have made it our mission to share some of the best stories we find every week here on our blog and in weekly email. If you’re a blogger and have a great post for us to share in a weekly roundup drop me an email.

Ashray and Zara

How to Get Fat in Columbia

Posted: October 1, 2014

Bandeja Paisa Are you a foodie? This post will inspire you to make Columbia your next destination. The delectable cuisine blends cooking traditions from Spanish, African, Middle Eastern and Asian origins. From Maize dough flat breads to empanadas your likely to find something tasty that wont hurt your pocketbook. The fried fish available in the northern part of the country look mouthwatering. This great blog post gives you a complete rundown.

Author(s): Ashray and Zara
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10 Quirky Things About Mumbai

Posted: October 7, 2014

Victoria Terminal CST As the founder of Touristlink, I have been living in India the past 8 year and one thing for sure is that every has an opinion about Mumbai (love it or hate it). Personally, I love the city. Renuka does a great job of writing about the ins-and-outs of the city from the stiflingly crowded commuter trains to its meter abiding Mumbai’s taxi drivers. Take a look at this post and all of Renuka’s great posts on travelling India!

Author(s): Renuka
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Jakarta a City of Contrasts

Posted: June 10, 2014

Jakarta Jakarta can be a tough city to understand in part due to its size but also because it’s a complex city and the grueling traffic doesn’t make it any easier to explore. Here is a great blog post that covers both the real Jakarta and some of the more famous tourist spots. Katie does a fantastic job of uncovering Jakarta as well a host of other cities in southeast Asia.

Author(s): Katie
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Getting High in Quito

Posted: April 9, 2014

Quito While the elevation of Quito the capital city of Ecuador at 2850m might not compare with its South American neighbor La Paz it certainly is worth exploring. This post by Laurence & Vera highlights the historic old town and offers some inspiring photos of Quito’s famous churches and beautiful skyline. This post is a great intro to Laurence & Vera’s blog Findingtheuniverse.com which is sure to inspire you with its great photography.

Author(s): Laurence & Vera
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The 4 Greatest Treks of Sikkim

Posted: October 13, 2014

Dzongri Trek Thinking about trekking in the Himalayas? This post goes beyond the most popular treks and gives a good introduction to the region of Sikkim in the eastern part of India and boasts some great mountain photography as well. My votes for the best treks in the region are Goecha La and the Green Lake trek. The Himalayanwonder blog is a great one to follow if you love mountains or the Himalayas in particular.

Author(s): David
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Agness and Cez

Foodie’s Guide To Western China

Posted: September 18, 2014

DaPanJi Big Plate Chicken Just reading this post is enough to make you hungry. Even if Chinese food is not your favorite Western China offers a unique cuisine drawing on the different ethnic groups who are spread out across the vast region. This post gives a great overview of the various dishes from Lamb Kebabs and Uyghur flat breads to Kazakh Horse Meat Dishes. The etramping blog serves up great travel tips as well as more specific posts on specific trips on a regular basis.

Author(s): Agness
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Klondike Highway This is one trip that’s always been on my bucketlist. This drive takes you across the vast and remote stretches of the Canadian Arctic. If you can get here it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the last few remaining wilderness areas on the entire planet. Most visitors here are not tourists but temporary workers looking to mine the vast mineral resources. This excellent post gives a brief introduction and background on present day gold mining camps.

Author(s): Charles
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Natural Beauty Iceland has to be one of the world’s most photographic destinations and this post goes along way towards proving it. Fantastic waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers and active volcanoes it might seem Iceland has it all. Landlopers is a great blog to follow and continually surprise with amazing photos and travel ideas.

Author(s): Matt
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British Museum London London is a great place to visit but making it fit a limited budget is another thing. This post by Stephanie combines great photography with a look at some budget destination ideas. 20yearshence combines great travel writing and photography with budget friendly travel ideas we can all afford.

Author(s): Stephanie
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