Enchanting Hampi

In guidebooks, Hampi is always one of the top places you should see in India. Located in the northern part of Karnataka, this seductive place is filled with temples, bazaars, ruins, lakes, and rice fields that give backpackers a great excuse for taking a week or two off their busy schedule. What makes it different from other places in India is that it’s laid back and doesn’t have this extreme vibe that you always see on places like Agra and Jaipur. A perfect way to go around in Hampi is by bike, motorcycle or even just by walking around. The views are breathtaking so you might want to bring your camera with you.

In Zenena enclosure stands Lotus Mahal, one of the most photographed builidngs in Hampi.


Relaxing at Shanthi Guesthouse

How can you not relax on this place when you have views of green paddy fields in front of your room?


A 30 minute hike towards the Hindu Temple, you’ll see the clustered rocks, ancient ruins and temples that comprises this fascinating view.

Anjeneya hill is where a Hindu temple was built and dedicated for Hanuman.


Locals having their picnic are always game for a photoop.


At the end of the ancient Vittala bazaar, you’ll see the Vittala temple which is definitely a highlight of the sightseeing. It is composed of temples, halls and the very much interesting Stone Chariot(the whole structure is made out of stone).


Though the Stone Chariot is not really used for what it is, its interesting details are worth to look at.


Back in Hampi Bazaar (also know as Virupaksha Bazaar), most of old pavilions were converted into stores and restaurants that cater tourists.


At the end of the road, Virupaksha Temple is the oldest and main temple in Hampi. It has been a very important pilgrimage center for the devotees of Lord Shiva.

Witness magnificent places, marvelous temples, fortifications, baths, markets, pavilions and royal elephant stables, for 2N/3D we’ll make sure that you relive a glorious ceremonial past. Quite a few temples on the tour are still active places of worship and continue to be important religious centers.

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