15 Travel Blogs You Should Follow - Round 2
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Louvre Museum Here are some great tips for first time visitors to Paris who dont speak French. If your worried about overcoming the language barrier this is a great read.

Author(s): Menorca
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Boozing in Vietnam

Posted: April 29, 2015

Boozing in Vietnam Vietnam is a great place to travel and it probably has some great tasting beer that might also be the worlds cheapest. Here are some great tips from Andy on local drinking spots in Saigon.

Author(s): Andy
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Vending Machines They don’t just sell candy and chips anymore; Here are 28 Bizarre Vending Machines From Around The World. Lego, live crabs, bicycles and buckets of mashed potato are among the peculiar delicacies replacing good old confectionary on the shelves of some of the world’s wackiest vending machines.

Author(s): Jess Harding
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Lisa Eldridge

First Time Solo


Sydney It’s your first time and you’ve researched and got the the facts but you’re feeling cautious about going on your own. You want to travel, your friends don’t, can’t or just don’t share your obsession with New Zealand. So what are you meant to do?

Author(s): Lisa Eldridge
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Jeepney in Manila Welcome to the Philippines! As you may already know, one of the star attractions of this country is the jeepney. Originally a military vehicle used by the Americans during the second World War, the jeepney has since evolved into the cheapest and most available form of mass transportation.

Author(s): Mark Conrad
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Polly Allen

Paris Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

Posted: September 22, 2015

Paris The city of light can be dazzling, which may explain why it’s on so many travel bucket lists. Paris seems maze-like and full-on at first, with its different arrondissements (neighbourhoods) and its constant trendsetting, but once you start wandering you’ll see it’s not so daunting after all. Are you ready to explore?

Author(s): Polly Allen
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Margherita and Nick

10 Free Things to do in Milan

Posted: January 26, 2015

Milan Cathedral Yes, Milan is expensive. It’s not one of those Italian cities where food is plentiful, affordable and delicious, but just wandering around is half the fun… With an eye to fellow budget travellers, we’ve complied this list of 10 free things to do in Milan – just to show you that you can indeed enjoy the city on a budget.

Author(s): Margherita and Nick
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Packing tips for Amazon trip

Posted: October 6, 2015

Amazon This is the most common question when travelling to the Amazons. Don’t worry, based on our experience, we are going to give you a quick overview about what to bring and what not in your trip to Amazons.

Author(s): Daniel
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Wadi RumMy trip to Jordan this winter was such a fantastic globe trot experience. I managed to meet up and stay with a fellow GT in Amman, had a relaxing stay at a 5 star resort at the Dead Sea and trotted through Petra on a horse and carriage. Yeah, this was an epic vacation!

Author(s): Renee Evans and Nicole Brewer
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Cyclades A highlight of my 2015 travel itinerary was my planned trip to sail in the Greek islands. I placed this on my calendar after receiving an invite from the owners of a new travel startup whom I met at a travel conference this year.

Author(s): John Roberts
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Top Eats In Bangkok

Posted: September 26, 2015

Street Restaurant in Bangkok Top Eats In Bangkok. Bangkok evokes countless images and emotions. Whether you are a visitor or a native of Bangkok, you will be captivated with the food scene in this city. Food ranges the entire spectrum, from the freshest and spiciest street food to five star restaurants perched on towering roof decks.

Author(s): Gaz
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Reunification Palace Trophy hunting is strange. Full disclosure: I was born and raised to a family of hunters, though I haven’t tracked down and killed anything (other than that deadly cobra in Thailand) in a couple of decades. But even with that blemish on my record, I still think trophy hunting is strange.

Author(s): Evo Terra
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Peñon de Guatapé Also called la Piedra del Peñol (“the rock of Guatape”) or Peñon de Guatapé, la Piedra (“the Stone”) is one of the main attractions in Guatape, a daytrippable excursion from Medellin.

Author(s): Chris Backe
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Lava Tunnels of Galapagos

Posted: October 16, 2015

Lava Tunnels If you have been following my adventures up to this very day you should know that Stanito staff never hit crowded touristic places nor those places that you can easily track on internet with thousands of photos.

Author(s): Stana
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Lake Yojoa My 14-hour bus journey from León in Nicaragua to Lake Yojoa in Honduras ended up being a lot more stressful than I bargained for. Without sufficient food and drink I let paranoia get the better of me. I should have listened to the sleeping cowboy not the drunk Canadian.

Author(s): Josh Ferry Woodard
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