11 Travel Blogs You Should Follow - Round 5
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First Time Solo


Lake Wanaka It’s your first time and you’ve researched and got the the facts but you’re feeling cautious about going on your own. You want to travel, your friends don’t, can’t or just don’t share your obsession with New Zealand.

Author(s): Lisa Imogen Eldridge
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BrogpasAs I unrolled the map of Ladakh, my eyes were certainly intrigued by the quaint little village of Dah-Hanu, nestled on the rugged cliffs of Batalik region. Unlike the insipid, Spartan, cold-desert-like landscape of Ladakh, these villages in the Southern foothills along the quiet Indus river wear a lush green colour with a riot of orange.

Author(s): Divya Prasad
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Masai Mara Take a sweeping stretch of savannah dotted with acacia trees exquisitely sculpted by nature and National Geographic-worthy encounters with Africa’s Big Five—and you have the Maasai Mara, Kenya’s famed wildlife reserve.

Author(s): Helen S
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La Perouse In 10 years of Solo Travels in Australia I have experienced land Down Under as a solo traveller and have learnt what works and what doesn’t. I know how important it is to be well prepared and have a thought-out travel plan.

Author(s): Michela Fantinel
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Chinese Breakfast Its early Sunday morning and sun is yet to come out, but the stoves are already fired up and the morning silence is broken by the sound of the knife hitting the chopping plate.

Author(s): Rangan Datta
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Ruwenzori For those of you who have zero idea about it let me point out a few things about Roopkund Trek. First off this is a Himalayan trek which starts from Lohajung in Uttarakhand.The goal of this trek is to reach the Roopkund lake situated at a height of 4500MSL.

Author(s): Razzaq Siddiqui
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Gill Morris

Koh Samet

Posted: Jan 25, 2016

Koh Samet If you want an island get-away that isn’t far from Bangkok, has pure white sand, and is a place to relax or have fun, Koh Samet is for you.

Author(s): Gill Morris
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Hyderabad Food Sitting at a neighborhood eatery on a rainy afternoon, I overheard three people on adjoining table, discussing what they will cook for dinner tonight. They had just ordered a plate of Chicken 65, onion Samosas, Gheepodi dosa and four cups of filter coffee.

Author(s): Swati Saxena
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Costa Rica After a week of surfing and yoga, I wanted to spend my last few days in Costa Rica doing nothing in a beautiful, comfortable place. I spent hours looking at rentals online trying to find the perfect one. There were many options to choose from on the southern Caribbean coast.

Author(s): Stephanie
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Gili Trawangan I like to describe Gili Trawangan as one of that still relative unknown paradise on earth. Usually you arrive here from Bali and the difference in the environment, culture and living style is just outstanding. It’s like you have navigated the full ocean and not just few hours.

Author(s): Stefano Ferro
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Ellora Caves Waterfall Waterfalls are one of the most fascinating creations of the nature. Talking about great waterfalls is not just about being majestic. Its also about the sheer beauty that mesmerises. So even a waterfall not much high or not much broad or not so majestic might be among the most beautiful.

Author(s): Upendra Swami
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