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  • Devictor Mason
    Devictor Commented on Bangladesh :

    While in India, wanted to visit Bangladesh for maybe 2 weeks. As an American it appeared from the search engines that I'd require paying approx US $160 for visa. Also, it was not economically possible for me to stay in the major city to apply for and

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  • Mong Marma
    Mong Commented on Bangladesh Local Tour Guide (BLTG) :

    March 28, 2014 I have visited to Myanmar, while I was in Myanmar I have traveled to around Yangon; Golden Pagoda, and many more. In Bago; Alive Snake, Archaeology place including museum and many more. In Bagan; Around the Bagan including Archaeology

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  • Jenna James
    Jenna Commented on Sixty Dome Mosque :

    A beautiful mosque and an another historical architectural beauty of Mughal Era... Here are some more excellent photos:

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