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want to travel across the world............. & Enjoy as much as possible

31 yrs, Male, Married
CTO of Touristlink.com
Nagpur, India
57 minutes ago in Pune, Maharashtra, India
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    "Good Personality and provides the best…”
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    "He's good,nice man,friendly looking and smart”
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I'm interested in promote my business, share my travel expertise, find new friends, networking (b2b), learn online marketing and just curious.

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  • Mandirs  3
  • Ghodazari Talav
  • Nagpur Railway Station

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Have Been Here87 places, 1355 views, 6 shared
  • Great Slave Lake
  • Chandrapur
  • Maharashtra
  • Vidarbha
  • Las Vegas
  • Hengchun
  • Goa
  • Anuradhapura
  • Sri Lanka
Forts won by shivaji15 places, 1008 views
  • Raigad Fort
  • Shivneri Fort
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Torna Fort
  • Devagiri Fort
  • Naldurg Fort
  • Sajjangad Fort
  • Purandar Fort
  • Vasai Fort

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I am quite Techie. Enjoy to surf around during free times. There are various tourist spot around my area like Pench,Tadoba About the tourist attraction around nagpur. any one who accompany with me H 455, Buty Road, Sita buldi, Nagpur MH 440012
English, Hindi

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  • Phub Dorzee
    Good Personality and provides the best hospitality and travel services.
    - Phub Dorzee, Positive
  • Angga Semara
    He's good,nice man,friendly looking and smart
    - Angga Semara, Positive