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Touristlink.com can help you plan your travel by connecting you with relevant travel agents and tour operators. Keep in mind when using Touristlink that we don't sell any tours or travel related products on our website. Nor do we endorse, verify or in any way guarantee any of the tour or other travel products listed by third party on our website. When booking travel through one of the travel providers on Touristlink we suggest that you review the following terms of service.

Terms of Service: Travelers and Members

  • Travelers should fully understand and evaluate the offering before confirming a trip with a travel agent. Touristlink.com is not involved in any way in the transaction carried out between the traveler and the travel agent.
  • Touristlink does not endorse or in any way represent any of the travel providers listed on the website. Tourstlink simply connects travelers with relevant providers. Travelers are responsible to use their own discretion and research any product before making a booking with any travel provider.
  • Touristlink.com is not responsible for any complaints or failure of any travel agent to provide any service. Tourstlink simply connects travelers with relevant providers. Travelers are responsible to use their own discretion and research any product before making a booking with any travel provider.
  • Any refund or cancellation for the travel offer must be managed by the involved parties. Touristlink takes no responsibility for providing refunds or negotiating with any third party agents listed on the website.
  • Touristlink may at times show sample itineraries and pricing which is subject to change as per the trip requirement. Sample itineraries often don't match what may be available from any of the travel providers or actual quotes received. We provide these so that the traveler planning to a particular destination can gain additional insight to destination he is planning to travel.
  • After the inquiry is posted by the traveler it is passed on to a maximum of three travel agents all of whom are listed on our website. All the future correspondence with the traveler for the suggested trip will be done by the travel agents who are providing the quote.
  • If a travel provider fails to provide good service or fails to deliver the traveler may raise the complaint with touristlink.com so that we can evaluate the travel agent. This may result in the removal of the travel agent profile from the website.
  • Touristlink.com keep the record of the travel information for the timely promotional activities. Traveler can trust Touristlink that personal information/travel plan shared will not be disclosed to the external world apart from the assigned travel agent.
  • Traveler can unsubscribe from any communication receive from us directly through our website or emailing us at support@touristlink.com
  • We suggest that travelers should never share their financial information like Bank account details, Credit & Debit information to the travel agent, as they can be misused.
  • The traveler should collect all the Payment & Tax receipt directly from travel agent. As we are not responsible for processing any direct/indirect taxes as or may be suggested by the Government of India or by the Financial authority for the destination the traveler is willing to travel.
  • For any physical and personal losses to the traveler during the travel are the responsibility of the traveler or if otherwise covered in the cancellation/refund policy provided by the travel agent along with the travel offering.
  • Traveler should also validate the existence of travel agent online/offline before accepting any offer. The traveler has the right to ask the travel agent for the authorization document like travel agency incorporation certificate, travel agent ID proof to establish the trust. Travelers are also advised to check the agents profile on Touristlink and other platforms like Tripadvisor to look at reviews from past customers before making a booking.

Terms of Service: Travel Providers Travel providers, tour operators and travel agents agree to the following terms of service. It is expected that all travel providers maintain professional conduct in the content they display on Touristlink and in interacting with the members of Touristlink and to travelers whom lead data may have been purchased. Touristlink reserves the right to cancel accounts without notice and/or refund in cases of violation of policy.

  • Travel agent should not hurt the privacy of the traveler whose travel information he purchased from touristlink.com.
  • Travel agent should not forward the purchased travel details to other person or other travel agent. And also should kept the information secure from begin public.
  • Travel agent should clear everything to the traveler about the travel plan including the cancellation and refund policy before accepting any payment.
  • Travel agent should keep the document like passport copy, id proof secure as and when provided by the traveler and shouldn't misuse it.
  • Travel agent should clearly specify the cancellation and refund policy covering all the cases as can be identified.
  • Travel agent should take care of all the direct/indirect taxes imposed by the Government/Authority of the traveler country, travel agent country & traveling countries.
  • Travel agent shouldn't re-market the purchased traveler information.
  • Travel agent should well prior update the traveler on the changes in the plan if he willing to make and those changes should be mutually agreed upon.
  • Travel agent should reply to the customer complaint posted on Touristlink.com or any other site. Touristlink.com has power to cancel the membership if found guilty in any case.
  • Travel agent shouldn't shutdown the business without prior notice to the travelers.
  • In case of any personal damage to the Travel Agent like loss of the company in earthquake or loss of life in earthquake, the travel agent should make the provision to somehow update the traveler may be through the direct friend or family member.
  • Travel agent should validate the existence of the traveler for any social and criminal activities.
  • Travel agent should take the traveler calls and should timely respond to the email from the travelers. Must tries to remain reachable during the travel duration of the travelers

By using this website, you agree to follow all the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

  • You cannot use this website illegally or in violation of these terms and conditions
  • You agree that all information you provide is accurate
  • You can only make reservations for yourself or for someone you are legally authorized to act on behalf of
  • You agree to abide by the hotel's terms and conditions
  • You agree to pay the price for the reservation, and you give us permission to give your credit card info and a guarantee of payment to the hotel
  • You give us the right to use the content of any email you send us for any purpose
  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time
  • Illegal usage of this website is prohibited.
  • The websites content cannot be used on other prohibited or objectionable sites.
  • We reserve the right to deny access/service to anyone
  • We reserve the right to correct typographical, printing or clerical errors in any material published across the site.

Limitation of liability
  • Travel is risky and can be dangerous, and we are not responsible for its dangers or consequences. We recommend that you review government advisories for any destination before travelling. We do not advise travelling to any destination or guarantee the safety of any location.
  • You are solely responsible for obtaining a passport or any other required documentation
  • We do not infer that this site's content is suitable for any purpose
  • We do not endorse the hotels, advertisements, or links to third parties
  • The hotels are independent contractors, and we are not responsible for anything they do
  • We disclaim all warranties
  • We do not guarantee the accuracy of our information, and we disclaim liability for any content errors or any consequences of such errors
  • We are not responsible for any consequences of your use or viewing of this website
  • You agree to indemnify us against any claims resulting from your violation of these terms and conditions or any claims that are in excess of these terms and conditions

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