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  • Sonaly
    Sonaly Commented on Jumbilla :

    See Yumbilla world’s 5th tallest waterfall in front of you and just you. I’ve been to Gocta, yes, it was impressive, but a jungle path leading to Gocta is full of another tourists and there is not so much authenticity left, whereas Yumbilla is so

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  • Bary
    Bary Commented on Valle de la Luna :

    Great photo, we visited this year and loved it! We wrote about it here for anyone who wants more details!
    Happy travels!

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  • C W
    C W Commented on Posada La Casa de los Pajaros :

    They gave my reservation to another person and I only found out when I arrived. The owner, Antonio, then had the nerve to blame me for not "securing" the reservation with a payment despite that fact that I had asked over the phone if my name was all

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  • Alice Christófaro
    Alice Commented on Hostel Safari - Cuiaba :

    O hostel é um verdadeiro pesadelo. Não consegíamos nem dizer o quanto era ruim, de tão persuavivas eram as perguntas.
    1. Nenhuma privacidade. O quarto coletivo tem um pedaço de madeira como porta, não há como fechar a porta, que fica enc

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  • Ile Peruvian
    Ile Commented on Cusco :

    which is the best place to see and enjoy Inti raymi Festival (Sun festival) in cusco?
    * Koricancha
    *Cusco's Main Square

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