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  • Massimo Caselli
    Massimo Commented on Maldives :

    Now it's possible to visit Maldives on a budget!
    From a few years guesthouses are growing on local inhabitated islands, offering budget travellers an affordable way to explore this beautiful country.
    Travelling on a budget in Maldives is in many way

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  • Ramlia Tours
    Ramlia Commented on Ramlia Tours :

    “The most comfortable trips”
    5 of 5 starsReviewed February 21, 2014
    With the excellent management, staff and guide on this trip, I and my friend had the most interesting Tour as well as food, accommodation and transport. All people who wants to

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  • Shehan Sasinda
    Shehan Commented on Shehan Safari Jeep Tours :

    A wonderful experience from start to finish. The safaris was extremely well run with the most amazing service and food & were well driven and the staff provided plenty of information and great routes aorund the area - we saw leopards, elephants, wate

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  • Doctor Mason
    Doctor Commented on Bangladesh :

    While in India, wanted to visit Bangladesh for maybe 2 weeks. As an American it appeared from the search engines that I'd require paying approx US $160 for visa. Also, it was not economically possible for me to stay in the major city to apply for and

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  • Emma Reacher
    Emma Commented on Bangkok :

    Thanks for sharing Bangkok tourist attractions with us..
    I came across a site which gives a list of almost 40 to 50 tourist attractions in Bangkok -
    Helpful for planning Bangkok trip itineraries.

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  • Mina Pandey
    Mina Commented on Nepal :

    Nepal is Heaven of the Earth. Many people who travel with us say it is the most beautiful so many ways, it has a very rich varied and colorful culture, arts& architecture, adventure spots,Mountains, 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, well preserved v

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