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  • Barbara
    Barbara Commented on Pst Africa :

    Edge East Africa Safaris and George Ngondo are NOT reputable. The day before our flight from the US, George told us our safari money had been "stolen" weeks before - almost $40,000. Promises of refunds, continual excuses. A swindler.

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  • Andy Goris
    Andy Commented on Pst Africa :

    BEWARE! Summer 2013, 8 of us sent a $35,000 USD payment for a 2-week safari. Two days before we were to leave, George emailed us that due to financial issues our trip was cancelled. He promised a refund. It is over 4 months and still no refund.

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  • Simon Milambo
    Simon Commented on Wildrace Africa Safaris :

    For a true defination of adventure one should never miss this magnificient amazing sight in tha hear of the Kenyan and of course Nairobi adventure and the suroundings

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  • Paul Theuri
    Paul Commented on Favour Wildlife Safaris :

    Travelling to Kenya to witness the millions of wildbeests crossing the Mara River and crocodiles attacking between every July and August is reffered as the 7th wonder of the world. It's a real life memorable experience.

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