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  • Lornah Ayodo
    Lornah Commented on Bestway Holidays Ltd :

    i9 love it so much, i love traveling and socializing with different people from all over the world, i've visited several sites in East Africa and would love others to join me in exploring Africa

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  • Sina Amini
    Sina Commented on Tanzania :

    there are lots of wild animals there, they might bite ur nose... they really like to eat human beings

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  • Jawad Abbasi
    Jawad Commented on Dubai :

    i spend almost a year in dubai and i love that my fav.. place are dhow course, Dubai Mall, Dera city center, Downtown, Dubai Marina, jumeirah Lake towers etc..

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  • Pushpendra Khadka
    Pushpendra Commented on Nepal :

    Nepal is really great country for those travelers who want to expend their holiday in natural beauty and peace. If you want to explore artificial beauty like big building, bridges etc Nepal is not your perfect destination. But If you want to enjoy in

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  • Tenzi Dorji
    Tenzi Commented on Authentic Bhutan Tours :

    Anyone interested to visit Bhutan - The Paradise on the Earth!
    I love to show you all everything that my beautiful country has to offer. Guiding is my passion and love to show you all my beautiful country-BHUTAN!

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