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  • Akin Basnet
    Akin Commented on Jules Joffrin Station :

    Mount Mera peak 6654 meter height from sea level and it is permitted trekking peak in Nepal. Its stands to the south of Mount Everest & dominates the watershed between heavily wooded valley of the Inkhu. J.O. M. Roberts & Sen Tenzing made the fist su

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  • Jonatantravasso
    Jonatantravasso Commented on Lisboasightseeing Unipessoal Lda :

    Our "city break" trip to Porto was excellent. The city is very beautiful and full of historical treasures. She made sure to provide equal time for each of the languages and was quite knowledgeable in the history of each of the locations. The transpor

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  • Danielito Sabor
    Danielito Commented on La Mer Deluxe Hotel Spa :

    I've been here. Like it, 4.5/5!
    1) High quality of check in.
    2) You don't need to get the pricing from the moon.
    3) Friendly team
    4) Liked their pool:)
    5) If you want to have a rest and get out of the world, you SHOULD visit it!

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  • Dora Balazs
    Dora Commented on Palatinal Crypt :

    Not many people know, not even the locals, that while visiting the Hungarian National Gallery, one can also take a tour of the Palatinal Crypt. Access to the Crypt is through the main entrance hall of the museum. It is one of the extremely few parts

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  • Dora Balazs
    Dora Commented on Hungarian National Gallery :

    If you wish to become familiar with the Hungarian art, this is the place for you! This is the museum which has the largest public collection of Hungarian works of art ranging from medieval and renaissance stone carvings and panel paintings up to the

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