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  • Akin Basnet
    Akin Commented on Jules Joffrin Station :

    Mount Mera peak 6654 meter height from sea level and it is permitted trekking peak in Nepal. Its stands to the south of Mount Everest & dominates the watershed between heavily wooded valley of the Inkhu. J.O. M. Roberts & Sen Tenzing made the fist su

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  • Lapsang Lama
    Lapsang Commented on Alpine Adventure Team (P) Ltd. :

    You might have known that Nepal, the country of Mt. Everest, and birth-place of Lord Buddha is the richest in her natural and cultural heritages. Uniquely, none in the world feels himself alone among the Nepalese people, on his walking or travel, whe

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  • Gyatsho
    Gyatsho Commented on Phajo Tours and Treks :

    My well travel experience was Jomolhari Trek in Bhutan. The Jomolhari Trek is to Bhutan what the Everest base camp route is to Nepal; a trekking pilgrimage. with two different versions, it`s one of the most trodden routes in the country, and almost 4

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  • Hoan Xuan
    Hoan Commented on Green Trail Tours :

    I was part of the bike tour with Mathew and it was a fantastic experience. I’m currently selling this tour to my friends and colleagues so hopefully you will have more visitors soon.
    I need a favor from you. Could you please send me an invoice by e

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