Gigantic Diamond Mines - The World's 15 Largest

Diamond Mines are not what you typically think of as tourist attractions but these might catch your attention. Diamonds typically form in very hot and high pressure environments such as those found in volcanic vents which lie buried deep inside of today’s active volcanoes. Once the volcano has eroded away with the passage of time the actually vent is left as a fossilized remnant and the deposit is known as a Kimberlite. Kimberlites are famous for their concentration, albeit small, of diamonds. You might have expected diamond mines to go deep underground but most of them are open pit. The largest diamond mines are found in Russia, South Africa, Canada, Botswana and Angola. Here is a look at the world’s 15 largest diamond mines.

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Amazing Waves - The Worlds 25 Best Surfing Spots

Beautiful beaches and amazing waves, here is a look at the worlds 25 best surfing spots. These beaches are every surfers dream and even if you don’t surf a visit to one of the beaches will take your breath away. If you’re looking for big waves some of the biggest are found at Mavericks in California where waves regularly top 20 feet (6+m). Teahupo’o in French Polynesia serves up a devastatingly powerful wave that only true experts can surf. The world’s largest waves ever surfed are in Nazare (Portugal) and some claims put them in excess of 100 feet. Now here is our list of the 25 best surfing spots and it’s not all about big waves.

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15 Travel Blogs You Should Follow - Round 2

We come across amazing travel blogs and inspiring travel stories every day. So we have made it our mission to share some of the best stories we find every week here on our blog and in our weekly email. If you’re a blogger and have a great post for us to share in a weekly roundup drop us an email.

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The World's 50 Most Romantic Vacation Spots

Whether your planning a romantic getaway or a once in a lifetime honeymoon here is a look at what just might be the worlds 50 most romantic vacation spots. The list is dominated by some of the worlds most beautiful beaches from Bali to Hawaii. If beaches aren’t your cup of tea we have thrown in some historical points of interest such as the Great Wall in China and the Taj in India as well as destinations to fit those who just love to shop like Dubai and Vegas. No matter what destination you choose from this list rest assure that it will be easy to get away and have some great time travelling as a couple.

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20 Amazing Aquariums You Have to Visit

Aquariums offer a window into another world that most of us don’t get to see first hand. When it comes to aquariums it not just about size its about creating an experience for the visitor that brings them into the underwater world while at the same time creating a natural livable habitat for the marine life they enclose. Many aquariums are involved in marine conservation and education efforts. Marine Life Park is the worlds largest holding over 12,000,000 US gal and containing 800 or more different species of marine life. Here is look at the top 20 aquariums you should visit.

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