The World's 25 Most Beautiful Valleys

We dont normally think of valleys as destinations but this blog post might change your mind. The world’s most stunning valleys and quite a few of those that made our list are glacially carved valleys such as: Lauterbrunnen, Yosemite, Khumbu and Logar. Glacially carved valleys tend to be especially beautiful because of the mountain setting and the steep walls on either side. Read on to see all the valleys that made our list and let us know if we missed your favorite.

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11 Travel Blogs You Should Follow - Round 6

We come across amazing travel blogs and inspiring travel stories every day. So we have made it our mission to share some of the best stories we find every week here on our blog and in our weekly email. If you’re a blogger and have a great post for us to share in a weekly roundup drop us an email.

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15 Must See Historic and Cultural Monuments

Are you a history buff or maybe just need some inspiration for your next journey. Here is a look at 15 cultural and historic sites that have shaped the world. With so many places to choose from it was difficult to pick just 15. Some of the favorites we left off the list but certainly deserve to be considered are Tikal in Guatemala, Borobudur in Indonesia, The Forbidden City in China and many more. Let us know where you are headed next!

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20 Amazing Places to Scuba Dive

Here is a look at what might be 20 of the most amazing places for scuba diving around the world. Whether you are just learning or a professional diver this compilation of dive spots is sure to contain a few places that will make your bucket lists. Most of the worlds diving spots lie with the tropics where the ocean waters are warm and conditions are right for the growth of corals. We tended to focus on these in our list but one should not overlook locations outside the tropics and in the colder waters of the arctic. Climate change, pollution and over fishing threaten many of the best dive spots so take a minute and learn what you can do to protect reefs and marine life.

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20 Amazing Places to go Camping

Do you love camping and getting away from everything? Here is a look at 20 amazing places to set up your tent in 2016. While this is not a list of actual campsites all the destinations on the list offer plenty of opportunities for camping both in established sites and off the beaten track. Yellowstone National Park in the United States is a great option from June to July and can be combined with other destinations such as Glacier and the Grand Tetons. If you are heading to Africa on a budget then camping out is the best way to make a safari affordable. The national parks in Kenya and Tanzania offer some great camping options. Big Sur and the California cost offer some excellent camping options but you need to book way in advance. Here is a look at the top 20 that made our list

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