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12 Amazing Old Growth Forests

Old Growth forests have been undisturbed throughout the centuries. The ancient trees that grow in these forests host a rich ecological diversity that far exceeds that in forests that have been disturbed by clearing and logging activities. Unfortunately, these forests are a rarity and it’s important that the few remaining examples receive some type of protected status. It’s an amazing experience to visit one of these forests firsthand. Here is a look at some of the world’s last remaining old growth forests.

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The 15 Deepest Canyons You Have to Visit

Actually measuring the deepest canyon is somewhat subjective when you consider not only depth but length as well. The Grand Canyon of the United States formed as it cut into and eroded the slowly uplifting Colorado Plateau. Whereas, others canyons have eroded through entire mountain ranges such as the Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal. Canyon systems that cut across entire mountain chains are often older then the mountains themselves. Here is a look at what might be the world’s 15 deepest canyons.

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Looking for Trekking in Himachal


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